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About Arlington RV Supercenter

Rhode Island's LEADING RV Dealer!

2011 marks Arlington R.V. Supercenter's 63rd year in business. The company was founded in 1948 by Shirley Moran. Shirley's parents, Earl and Hattie Blinkhorn, hauled a trailer to Florida each winter for an extended vacation. In late 1947, they felt that they were ready for a new trailer and Shirley decided to help them shop for one. Shirley's interest in trailers grew as the shopping process continued.

Shirley had graduated from Brown University (then called Pembroke College) in 1946 with a degree in mathematics and married a Brown classmate, John S. (Jack) Moran in June of 1947. Jack's degree was in chemistry, and upon graduation he took a position as chemist for U.S. Rubber in Providence, R.I. Shirley worked as a civil engineer, laying out roads, septic systems, and house lots in the Governor Francis Farms development in Warwick, RI.

While shopping for her parent's trailer, Shirley announce that, soon, she would be a parent herself. Shirley told her boss about the pregnancy, expecting to remain on the job as an engineer until the baby came. Instead, her boss told her that he didn't allow pregnant women on his job site and she was sent home. Ambitious young Shirley was suddenly left with a lot of free time.

Shirley's search for a trailer ended in Indiana, where she had found a manufacturer willing to sell her two trailers-- one for her parents and another for resale. Shirley arranged to pickup the trailers on the weekends. She and Jack would drive to Indiana, pickup a trailer, and make a beeline back to Rhode Island so Jack could report to work at U.S. Rubber Monday morning.

This process would repeat itself many times over the years. Shirley sold the trailers and Jack prepared and delivered them on weeknights. Weekends were reserved for trips to Indiana.

On June 22, 1948, Jack and Shirley's first child, Stephen, was born. Not long afterward, the family moved from a tenement house to a trailer located on a lot on Cranston Street in the Arlington section of Cranston, R.I. One trailer was "home." All of the trailers, including "home," were for sale.

In 1950, Jack resigned from U.S. Rubber to become a full-time trailer dealer. He immediately began setting milestones in the business, bringing the first trailer with a shower and toilet to Rhode Island in 1951. In 1953, he displayed a special motorhome-like trailer and tow vehicle that cost $75,000 (in 1953 dollars} and had a built-in pool. He designed and had built a 50' trailer for his family (huge by 1950's standards), a move that proved there was a market for large "mobile homes" in New England.

The business was named Arlington Trailer Coach Sales, after the section of Cranston where the firm was first located. The family grew with the birth of Linda in 1951 and Sandra in 1954. Jack and Shirley expanded the business by opening a branch mobile home sales lot in Groton, Connecticut in 1957.

They also began manufacturing and renting utility trailers in the late 1950s. These trailers were rented through a network of substations strung throughout southern New England. In the early 1960s, Shirley and Jack Moran and Shirley's parents, Earl and Hattie Blinkhorn, developed a 150-site mobile home park; Arlington Acres Mobile Home Park, in Stonington, Connecticut was the finest mobile home park in New England at the time.

In 1962, Jack was the first to bring folding trailers to Rhode Island. As mobile home sites became more scarce, the business became increasingly focused on "recreational vehicles." Folding trailer and small travel trailer rentals were very popular. Soon, the recreational vehicle rental fleet grew to 60 units.

Steve Moran, after having lived in a trailer lot for much of his life, began working summers at the family business when he was just 14. His initial job entailed a lot of washing and cleaning, but he quickly learned the mechanics of the trailers they rented and sold. By the time he was a junior in high school, he was given the responsibility of managing the fleet of 60 rental trailers. Virtually the whole fleet would be returned each Friday and Saturday and go back out the same day. Folding trailer lift systems were notably fragile back then. Steve pulled his first of many "all nighters" while still in high school, fixing a broken lift system on a rental scheduled to go out the next morning.

In 1966, the first discount warehouse for recreational vehicles was opened by the Moran family in the Apponaug Mill complex in Warwick, R.I. This 3/4 acre indoor showroom was the talk of the industry until it burned flat to the ground in a spectacular fire that took 32 other businesses as well as Arlington's Discount Warehouse. The fire that occurred on that fateful night in September of 1969 remains the largest ever to hit the City of Warwick.

Shortly after the fire, construction began at the present Route 2 location in Warwick. The facility had three service bays, a parts store, and a covered vehicle display area. The business flourished in the early 1970s as the R. V. industry experienced a huge growth spurt..

1973 was an extraordinary year, as two young people who would have a lot to do with shaping the future of Arlington Trailer joined the company as full-time employees. Steve Moran, now a graduate of Brown University, came on board as a business manager. Ken Cogswell arrived as a service mechanic after having served as a marine in Vietnam. Cogswell too had grown up in the RV world, working for his family's truck camper manufacturing business (Kenson Campers),

Steve Moran immediately saw inadequacies in the expanding business and set out to correct them. He convinced his parents to construct an addition to the facility that took the service facility from three bays to nine bays, doubled the floor space of the parts store, doubled the outside display space, created a customer storage area, and built new offices for the sales department.

Ken Cogswell was quickly promoted to rental manager and then to service manager. Under Cogswell's guidance, the department grew from one with just travel trailer capability to one that has full automotive and body work capabilities as well. There are few problems a customer can have with any type of recreational vehicle that the team that Cogswell has assembled cannot handle in house.

The Cogswell era fostered a commitment to service excellence that continues today. Arlington's service department has won the Circle of Excellence Award from Winnebago Industries for 14 consecutive years and the Fleetwood Circle of Excellence award for 11 consecutive years. Both of these awards are based on customer satisfaction.

Steve Moran was promoted to general manager in 1976. Sisters Sandi (Moran) O'Leary and current Arlington president Linda (Moran) Tarro joined the company in 1976 and 1985 respectively, making Arlington the epitome of a "family" business. The whole family worked at Arlington during the mid-1980s. Steve took care of all the buying and selling of campers; Jack took care of the finances and was the company's industry representative; Shirley handled the warranty, billing, and office functions; Sandi was the bookkeeper, and Linda worked in the parts department.

The company thrived. During the 1980s Arlington was a consistent "Top Twenty" performer for Winnebago Industries and a consistent "Top Ten" performer for Prowler travel trailers.

In 1986, Shirley died after a five-year battle with cancer. She had worked full time until just three weeks before her death. As she battled the disease, husband Jack had continually offered to take her traveling in a recreational vehicle or by plane. She preferred, however, to stay at her desk and work. Work was her therapy. It gave her a sense of accomplishment long after it was financially meaningful for her to continue on the job while battling the disease.

In 1989, the company acquired additional land and expanded again. A larger customer storage area, a public dump station, an overnight camping area, more offices, more display area, and a night key depository were added. The facility was completely remodeled and the company renamed Arlington R. V. Supercenter, Inc. The name change reflected the fact that the company's services had expanded and that, by the late 1980s, motorized units accounted for 80 percent of sales. It wasn't just about trailers anymore. Arlington was truly a "super" R. V. resource center.

In 1990, Jack was returning from a Coleman dealer meeting in Pennsylvania when he was tragically killed in a freak automobile accident. An oncoming truck blew a tire, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle, cross the center line of the road, and collide with Jack's car. He died at the scene of the accident.

After Jack's death, Steve Moran became the company's president, Linda Tarro became the vice president and Sandi O'Leary became treasurer. One industry observer correctly predicted the continued success of the company in spite of the passing of the founders because, as he put it, "the proper ethics were deeply ingrained in the new officers." He said he was referring specifically to the "work ethic" and the "sense of fair play" that have characterized the Moran family over the last 56 years.

The 1990s brought steady sales increases with the exception of the years of the credit union crisis in Rhode Island. The addition of products built by the Newmar Corporation proved especially popular.

In 2003, Arlington acquired yet another adjacent property, adding two acres and a 10,000 square foot building to the existing 16,400 square feet of indoor work space. The building was renovated and became the Pre-Delivery Inspection (P.D.I.) department. Tony Ellinwood was selected to manage the facility.

On the evening of July 2, 2005, after working the day at Arlington and enjoying a good meal and a mid-season Red Sox victory, Steve Moran went to bed and never woke up. His sudden passing left the Arlington family, and the whole of the RV industry, deeply saddened.

Over his decades as general manger and president, Steve served on the dealer advisory boards of the nation's leading manufacturers including Winnebago Industries, Georgie Boy Manufacturing, Cobra Industries, and Newmar Corporation. He was one of the founding fathers of the Recreational Vehicle Rental Association, serving on its original board of directors. At Arlington, he was known to be a hands-on boss not afraid to pitch in when things got busy by emptying holding tanks, filling propane and ferrying trailers around the lot atop his beloved tractor.

In characteristic style, the Arlington family has responded to Steve's death by stepping up and working hard to keep the business strong. Sisters Linda and Sandi now head the company and Steve's son Jay works in the sales department under the tutelage of sales manager Mark Donilon.

In spite of the company's continuing growth and recent loss, the atmosphere at Arlington remains "homey." Arlington is a company that's big enough to serve its customers well, but still small enough to know them all by name. While the products and times have changed, Arlington RV remains committed today to the same principles of honesty and hard work displayed during Jack and Shirley's Indiana road trips all those years ago. Over the coming years, Arlington will further expand its service and selection, providing customers with the very best products and service the RV industry has to offer.

Proud of the past and excited for the future, Arlington RV and the Moran family look forward to continuing success in the generations to come.




Every type of recreational vehicle is in stock and available for the prospective owner's inspection. The products that are represented at the Supercenter have been painstakingly analyzed and selected on the basis of their overall value by a team of experienced career recreational vehicle sales and service people. This team has over 125 years of combined experience in the R.V. business. Product construction is exhaustively reviewed as well as the manufacturer's warranty policies and financial stability. When you purchase an R.V. at Arlington you can be assured that it has already passed tough standards demanded by Arlington's purchasing team.


Arlington has a large selection of pre-owned RV's. They buy used RV's to keep their selection large and ever changing. Often, an R.V. purchaser can save thousands by purchasing an R.V. that has been pre-owned. What sets Arlington's inventory apart from others is the detailed and diligent pre-delivery reconditioning that the typical used recreational vehicle undergoes before it is delivered to the customer. Each and every system is checked for mechanical correctness and repaired before the customer takes delivery of the unit. The mechanical checklist is six pages long for the typical motor home!


The Supercenter's financial strength and volume purchasing assures the consumer the best pricing available. As an R.V. retailer with true buying power, the Supercenter negotiates the best pricing available from the manufacturers and passes all savings along to the consumer.


With interest rates changing on an almost daily basis, the Supercenter monitors a wide range of financial institutions to be sure that on any particular day, its customers receive the best financial terms available. Because Arlington's financial sources specialize in recreational vehicle loans, customers are more apt to get a loan approval through Arlington than if they went to a local bank. It is also important to note that the Supercenter deals with financial institutions that specialize in R.V. financing so the downpayment requirements are often less and the length of time that the vehicles can be financed is often much longer, thus making the monthly payments much lower. Let the Supercenter "shop" the financing end of the purchase so you can get the best rate and terms possible. Lenders compete just like any other business. The Supercenter places many loans and often gets "below market" rates for their customers based on the total volume of loans produced. All rates offered are fixed rates, not variable. Only "simple interest" rates are offered, so the customer is never paying a "penalty" for prepayment. Lump sum payments in any amount to principle are always allowed. All of the lenders book the loans without charging any points, appraisal fees or origination fees. Two of the Supercenter's ten lenders do have, however, a V.S.I. fee of no more than $45.00 per loan. Interest paid on recreation vehicle loans is deductible from your taxable income as a second home mortgage would be.


The Supercenter can refer you to agencies that offer specialized R.V. insurance at very competitive rates. These specialized policies offer total loss replacement, 24-hour towing and roadside assistance, replacement of personal items in the camper that may be lost or damaged, premises liability for your campsite, full-timer coverage, and coverage for awnings and satellite dishes. If you need to file an insurance claim, the Supercenter is always available to provide free insurance estimates.


The Supercenter has the largest and most completely stocked accessories store in southern New England.


For those hard to get repair parts, the Supercenter's technical parts department offers expert help for home mechanics and commercial repairers alike. Virtually all components required to repair common R.V .appliances are in stock. The parts inventory is computer controlled so key parts are automatically reordered for the convenience of the next customer. The parts are in the building so when the typical customer brings his R.V. in for repair it is usually a one stop experience (not one stop to diagnose the problem and a second stop to get an ordered part installed).


The Supercenter offers both cylinder and chassis mounted tank refills. Free propane leak testing is available at anytime for the asking. Evening propane refilling is usually offered. New propane tanks are purged at no extra charge.


Many recreational vehicle dealers are not manufacturer approved warranty service centers for the chassis of the products they sell. This is not the case at the Supercenter. Workhorse and Spartan chassis warranty service is available to owners of vehicles purchased at the Supercenter. In this way, the Supercenter offers one stop service for whatever service problem owners may have. This service is accomplished in-house and not jobbed out so that an internal control on quality can be maintained. Most importantly, Supercenter customers do not find themselves running between the R.V. dealer and the chassis manufacturer's dealers to get a particular problem corrected. If a vehicle purchased at the Supercenter is built on a Freightliner or Ford chassis and has to go that service center for warranty work, the Supercenter will do the transporting to the appropriate facility once the vehicle has been brought to the Supercenter for service. In this way, the "one stop" service promise can be fulfilled.


The Supercenter's service department includes specialists in R.V .body repair, carpentry , appliance repair, heating, air conditioning, major and minor engine and drive train work, generator repair, electrical work and vehicle preparation. There is no problem that one can encounter with an R.V. that is not handled by this award-winning department.


Most importantly, those of us at the Supercenter have a sincere desire to help! We try to see everything from our customer's point of view. Perhaps this is why the Supercenter consistently is recognized for excellence in customer service.


An R.V. sewerage dump station with provisions for potable and non-potable water, air, and trash disposal is available to the general public at the Supercenter.


The Supercenter's sales department will "match" you to your ideal R.V. with the use of their "matchmaker" computer which analyzes your desires and price range and "matches" you to the current inventory at the Supercenter. If your ideal unit is not in stock at the Supercenter, your desires will be electronically stored and you will be contacted as soon as the ideal unit arrives.


If you want to sell your R.V., the Supercenter will either buy it from you or sell it for you on a commission basis.


The Supercenter can refer you to one of three local R.V. storage facilities.


If you want to try some new and exciting campground destinations, the Supercenter's campground information center is where you will find brochures on the leading campgrounds in the East.


A customer can drop off his unit for service or pick up his unit any time any part of the Supercenter is open (Mon - Saturdays 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.) Our hours are seasonal please call for the current hours. With the use of our night key depository, Supercenter customers can drop off their vehicle for service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. "Anytime" vehicle pickup can be arranged with a phone call. The Supercenter does all it can do to accommodate its customers' varied schedules.


The Supercenter's comfortable lounge area with free coffee, tea, and soups is available to all R.V.'ers whether they are waiting for service work to be completed or just want to take a break from their R.V. traveling. This area is also available free of charge to any camping club who would like to use this lounge for club meetings.


All sales people at the Supercenter are required to undergo yearly product training complete with written testing to insure that the information and advice they give a prospective R.V. owner is up-to-date, accurate and well considered. At the Supercenter the customer gets good information, not a high pressure sales pitch by a slick sales person who doesn't know the difference between an R.V. and a used car.


Few organizations have assembled as much information on the trailer towing capabilities of the cars and trucks on the road today. Supercenter experts can tell you exactly what your vehicle can safely tow. Manufacturer publications from the last 20 model years are archived and people who know how to interpret towing information are always available. They have also assembled the latest information on towing your car with a motor home using car dollies, transmission lube pumps, drive shaft disconnects, axle lock systems, or simply towing it on all four wheels.


All new and used units have posted pricing for all to see. The prices are the same for everyone! Options are itemized on all new units and features are highlighted on all used units. This sure makes shopping easier! Manufacturer's Suggested List Prices are always used when such prices are available. Units are NOT repriced if the manufacturer raises the price of that model unit after it arrives on our lot. "Inflated" list prices are NEVER used at the Supercenter.


All new and used travel trailers are sold with full propane tanks, a non-toxic, anti-bacterial water hose, a new sewer hose, a sewer hose adaptor, a sewer hose clamp, a battery, a refrigerator level, 4 portable stabilizing jacks, and an electrical adaptor. There is no extra charge for these items. All motor homes are sold with all of the above items except the stabilizing jacks PLUS wheel chocks, emergency flares, lug wrench, breaker bar, and hydraulic jack. All of these items are generally not included with the vehicle when it comes from the manufacturer. They are often not added by the dealer. At the Supercenter, there's no reason to spend more money buying these items after you've purchased your R.V.


All RV's sold by the Supercenter undergo a detailed pre-delivery inspection by trained service technicians unless otherwise stated at the time of sale. The purpose of the inspection is to locate and REMEDY any mechanical defects in the vehicle. The items that are inspected are contained on Arlington's exclusive 6 page inspection sheet. This sheet includes all of the checks recommended by the manufacturers plus a long list of extra items that the people at the Supercenter identified as possible comeback items. It is impossible to list all of the items inspected but here are some:

  • Inspect running gear, tighten wheel lugs, and check tire pressure.
  • Check brakes and trailer breakaway switch.
  • Inspect coupler mechanism (trailers)
  • Pressure test propane system for leakage using manometer.
  • Check all air-to-gas mixtures on all gas appliances, clean burners and adjust flames when necessary.
  • Run all gas appliances and check thermostats for proper cut-outs. Check refrigerator cooling and cycle furnace.
  • Check and recharge battery (where applicable).
  • Fill fresh water system with water , inspect for leaks. Flush and sanitize water system. Winterize ( if necessary).
  • Fill and check black and grey water waste tanks. Operate gate valves and check for leakage.
  • Inspect roof sealant for cracks or deterioration. Reseal as necessary.
  • Check window operators, shades and blinds for correct operation. Check windows for cracks. Repair and replace as necessary.
  • Fill propane.
  • Repaint drawbar (trailers), step, and bumper and propane tanks as necessary.
  • Steam cleans all carpets, and upholstery ( if necessary).
  • Clean interiors including appliances, windows, window sills, screens, toilet, tub, and compartments as necessary.
  • Change oil and oil filter. Perform lube. Check all fluids. (Motorized only).
  • Check all exterior lights.
  • Pull wheels and check brakes. (Motorized only).
  • Check exhaust system for leakage. (Motorized only).
  • Check cruise control, heater-defroster, wipers, and radio.
  • Put engine on computer to check for proper engine output. Perform tune up or other repairs if necessary. (Motorized only.)
  • Change oil and filter in generator. Service other items on generator as necessary. (Motorized only).
  • Inspect tires. Look for evidence of improper balance or alignment. Replace tires, balance tires and perform wheel alignment as necessary.
  • Road test unit.
  • Get inspection sticker from independent inspection station (R.I. customers only) .( Motorized only).
  • Wash unit.


All used units purchased from Arlington RV's inventory will carry a 30 day limited warranty. This warranty covers 100% of all parts and labor involved in any repair. The warranty is simply stated as follows: "Should a mechanical defect occur in your unit within 30 days from date of delivery, Arlington R.V. will correct it upon delivery of the unit to the Arlington R.V. service department."


It is the policy of Arlington R.V.to sell only those new units backed up by a solid, financially stable manufacturer. Most new unit warranties last for at least one year from the date of delivery.


Arlington offers extended service coverage on all new units for up to 7 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Most used units purchased at the Supercenter qualify for coverage for up to 3 years or 36,000 additional miles, whichever comes first. Consult the Supercenter sales department for details.


If a customer purchases a used unit from the Supercenter inventory (except consignment units) and if within 30 days, FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER the customer feels that the unit does not meet his expectations, the full sales price of the used unit will be credited towards the purchase of any new or used unit in Arlington's inventory of the same or greater price.


All Supercenter customers receive a complete demonstration of how all the systems in their new or used vehicle operate. This is done at the time of delivery. Any appropriate maintenance tips are explained. The service technician's aim during this demonstration is to make the new owner feel at home with his or her vehicle before he or she leaves the Supercenter. Customers are encouraged to ask questions, videotape, or record this orientation for future reference. The service technician is instructed to spend as much time as is necessary to be sure that the customer understands the mechanics of all the systems in their new recreational vehicle.


The Supercenter does not want last minute mechanical problems to stand in the way of your departure on any trip that you may have planned. Our service department is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM six days per week, 52 weeks per year for the convenience of its customers. The Supercenter people want to be available when you need us most!


Arlington R.V. will deliver your travel trailer to any seasonal campsite or to your home, free, within a 100 mile radius. They will also set up your camper at the site, if you wish.


Arlington has detailed computerized service records of all of the vehicles that they sell. If you should ever need a service history of your recreational vehicle (for example, for resale purposes) , it is available from the Supercenter at the stroke of a key.


The Supercenter was founded in 1948. It is the oldest recreational vehicle dealership in Rhode Island. It will be around for many years to come to help its customers. Over the course of time, the people at the Supercenter have seen dozens of R.V. operations in this area go out of business. When these operations have gone out, invariably they have left promises unfulfilled, warranties not serviced and parts for their products difficult to obtain. The Supercenter has been and will be around for the long haul. Did you know that in the last 30 years, two of the Supercenter's manufacturer's suddenly closed their doors? What is noteworthy is that the Supercenter assumed the responsibility for servicing those manufacturers' warranties even though the manufacturers were not around to pay for the warranty claims. The Supercenter put its customers first and did what was right by the customer regardless of financial considerations.


The Supercenters' service technicians are trained and retrained on a regular basis to be sure that they are up-to-date on all of the latest technical advancements Winnebago Industries has held its regional training schools at the Supercenter. The list of service seminars attended by technicians from the Supercenter is too long to list!


The Supercenter has won the prestigious Winnebago "Circle of Excellence Award" for the past fifteen consecutive years. This award is based on many criteria having to do with the customer's and Winnebago Industries' satisfaction with the Supercenter. Also, the Supercenter has received the Fleetwood Industries "Circle of Excellence Award for Customer Satisfaction" for the last twelve consecutive years, in other words, ever since Fleetwood Industries began the award program. As of this writing, the Supercenter has a 100% customer satisfaction rating with Fleetwood for the current year. A check with the Better Business Bureau of R.I. indicates that no Supercenter customer has filed a complaint with the agency for as long as the BBB computer system has been in operation (18 years). In today's litigious society, lawsuits having to do with vehicle purchases and customer's satisfaction with their purchase often arise even when the dealership is doing its best to satisfy its customers. Because the Supercenter tries harder and has more capabilities than the average dealership, it is one of the few major vehicle retailers in New England that can say that no such lawsuits currently are pending against it.

NATIONAL TOLL FREE "HELPLINE" (1-888-RV SUPER) (1-888-787-8737)

The Supercenter has a national toll free number which connects you to all departments. Whether you need service, advice, or a part overnighted to your campsite, the Supercenter is as near as your telephone.


The Supercenter is an authorized service center for all of the brands it carries and for virtually every component found in RV's today. They are the warranty center for over 70 different R.V. and component manufacturers! This makes for one-stop service for Supercenter customers.


It's become commonplace in business today for companies to put consumers through a whole series of recordings and make them push 100 buttons in order to get the information they want. While the Supercenter does have informational recordings if the caller has to be put on hold, the caller need only dial our number to speak with a human being at the Supercenter. That person will not ask you to put a message on somebody's voicemail (the Supercenter doesn't have it) and will try to help you as best he can or find someone who can. Only a human being can sense urgency in your voice and give you the up-to-the-minute information you need. Once you dial the Supercenter, you'll never have to touch another button on your phone. Sometimes what a company DOESN'T have is an advantage for you! At the Supercenter, you talk with HUMAN BEINGS, not machines!


A free, 700+ page recreational vehicle parts catalog (a $6.95 value) is offered to each Arlington customer each year. The Supercenter wants to make it easy for you to keep your rig in top shape with easy to find replacement parts.


Any item you need can be shipped anywhere in the world. Overnight shipment of important repair parts is commonplace and FREE if the vehicle is under warranty and you are on a trip.


The 56 employees at the Supercenter have over 586 years of experience at the Supercenter. That's over 10 year's average experience per person. There is no substitute for experience when difficult problems with today's rigs need to be solved. It is rare to find any business whose workforce is this stable.


Communicate with us at our Website (www.arlingtonrv.com). Check out our inventory of recreational vehicles daily. Our website is updated each and every Sunday. You'll be able to see the full description, price, and multiple pictures of every rig we have on display. Customers can also communicate with us by e-mail. Just use the first name of the person you wish to get the e-mail plus "@arlingtonrv.com". For instance, Jay Moran's e-mail address would be "jay@arlingtonrv.com".


Did you ever notice that many R.V. dealerships have poor locations that are hard to find, difficult to enter, and have little or no parking? The Supercenter is at the bottom of two exit ramps (Exit 8 Southbound and Exit 8B Northbound) off Interstate 95. It is easy to find and there's enough parking space to accommodate a whole caravan of big rigs towing cars.


2009 is Arlington's 61th year in business. Businesses seldom survive for 58 years unless they are doing something right. Technology, the marketplace and industries change over the years. Certainly, the recreational vehicle industry has undergone incredible changes. What has NOT changed is the ethics that have guided the company for every one of those fifty-nine years. Hard work, honesty, patience, a commitment to excellence, and an everyday adherence to the golden rule remain the everyday watchwords at the Supercenter..


Fifteen of Arlington's technicians have completed the necessary training and have passed the very difficult exam to become "certified" or "master certified". It is believed that no other dealership in the Northeast can boast of having this many Recreation Vehicle Industry Association certified technicians. Becoming certified is no small task. The training program involves 40 intensive 1-1/2 hour sessions where participants watch live television via satellite in Arlington's training room. Arlington is connected with the Lake City Community College, in Lakeland, Florida, where the national training course originates. Subjects such as propane safety, appliance repair, electrical systems, plumbing, maintenance, and electric step repair are just the beginning of the subject material. Each subject is enhanced by hands-on training and requires lots of reading both before and after each session. The training manuals for the program stack over a foot high. There's lots of homework including many self-administered tests. Finally there are the National Exams. Earning a grade of 74.5 on both the written and the practical exam earns "certification". A grade of 85 or higher earns the designation of "master certified." Five of Arlington R.V. techs are "master certified". Seven are "certified". All three chassis mechanics are Workhorse chassis certified technicians. Five other techs are currently studying to become certified.


The Supercenter's mobile service van helps those customers who cannot get their camper to Arlington's service department. These customers own trailers or fifth wheels set up on seasonal sites. On-site warranty work is performed.


More than ever, people are choosing larger travel trailers and fifth wheels with sometimes as many as four slide outs. These vehicles need to be placed on campground sites that are the same size that they were 30 years ago. Trees have grown, decks have been constructed and sheds have been added creating more obstacles to work around. Often, the trailer cannot be put on the site using a pickup truck. A smaller, more maneuverable, powerful, four wheel drive tractor can be brought from the Supercenter to that campsite that presents delivery challenges. Skilled operators meet the challenge and accomplish "near Impossible" deliveries.


It's no accident that you find America's best selling products at the Supercenter. America's best selling Class A motorhome brand (Winnebago) , America's best selling Class C motorhome brand (Winnebago), America's best selling fifth wheel (Montana), and America's best selling folding trailer (Coleman) are all found at the Supercenter. Arlington also represents products from the top two travel trailer manufacturers (Thor and Forest River) as well. Arlington also represents the Newmar Corporation, builder of fifth wheels and motorhomes. Newmar was recently voted the second most valuable R.V. franchise (second only to Winnebago) by the Recreational Vehicle Dealer Association of America members. Strong manufacturers seek out quality dealerships like the Supercenter to represent their products. The Supercenter seeks out America's best valued products to better serve their customers.


Arlington's "state of the art" computer system can reap benefits to its customers. Suppose, for instance, a bad batch of water pumps that could develop a leak after some usage is inadvertently sold by the Supercenter parts department. The Supercenter's information system can trace each sale back to a particular customer, the customer can be notified and the "bad" water pump can be replaced before it leaks and causes damage to someone's camper.


Plans are in the making to move the dealership to a larger nearby site, greatly expanding the Supercenter's service to R.V.'ers. These plans include tripling interior work space of the dealership and doubling the outside display area. "State of the art" alignment equipment, washing equipment and a special paint shop will be added. Approvals to build the facility are being sought. The Supercenter plans to stay ahead of the competition in serving its customers.